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Clean healthy skin

Clean healthy skin can be achieved just by simple cleaning steps. Cleansing is part of the essential of your daily routine. If your skin is filled with dirt and makeup traces, it wouldn't absorb the skin care that you've piled up. Here are some tips to remove makeup correctly.

1. Don't rush! Take your time.

I know it's a rat race out there but you don't have to rush yourself to get the makeup removal process done within a minute. No matter how good or powerful is your makeup remover is, it takes time for the makeup to dissolve. Be patient especially when removing your eye makeup.

2. Don't use makeup wipes

I know it's easy and convenient to use but makeup wipes is not sufficient to remove makeup throughly. Some myths says that baby wipes is enough, but this is a big no no as it is not sufficient to remove makeup on your face even though it is gentle to the skin.

3. Use sufficient amount

Pour a generous amount of remover on cotton pad and hold in over ur face/eyes/lips for at least 10-20 seconds for the makeup to melt well. The colour of your cotton pad will tell you whether those impurities has been transferred.

4. Use cotton buds

Use cotton buds to help you clean up your eye liner gently. Avoid vigorous rubbing and pulling ur skin surrounding the eyes as this might cause fine line around your eye area.

5. Don't not sleep with your makeup on

Your skin will definitely needs to breathe as well. Sleeping with your makeup on can cause blocked pores. It is also unhygienic as your makeup can stain on your pillow and bedsheet.

6. Water

Always walk the extra mile, wash your face with water as your last routine. This is to clean off those remaining oil or makeup on your face. Lastly, after all the cleansing, pamper face with your favourite skin care.

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