• SarahTing

Contour culture

Highlighting and contouring makes a great difference to enhance our face features. Here are some great tips from Sarah on contouring.

1. Makeup Product

Choose the contour product that is 1 or 2 shades darker than your own foundation. You absolutely doesn't want it to look the same after some application. As for highlighting product, choose 1 shade lighter than your foundation. Sarah recommends shimmer product for highlighting purpose, it would definitely give you the bling bling that you want.

2. The contour journey

Contour the part that you want more depth. Just like drawing, we shades both side of the nose area, under the cheekbone, jawline and temples. Do that to your face too. It will help to create illusion of slimmer face and jawline by "casting" shadows on those areas. Remember to blend out all the harsh lines evenly. The key is to brush brush brush the lines. For that purpose, you can use a brush or a beauty blender sponge.

3. The highlight journey

As oppose to contour, highlight bring focus and enhance the part where we want to show. A rule of thumb is to apply highlight at the part that lights naturally fall on, such as bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, the under eyes and the center of our lips.

After all these application, finish your makeup with a translucent powder. Setting spray is option but it's a great product to make your makeup stays longer. If you have more questions, feel free to contact Sarah at for her advise.