• SarahTing

Essential tools for perfect brows

As eyebrows are the frames to the eyes, it is very crucial for us to use the correct tools for us to get what we want. Here are some top tips for your "wow" brow journey.

1. Tweezers

Groom your brows according to the shape you wanted. Sarah strongly recommends you to get a professional to trim your brows for you. You could maintain your brow shape next time by trimming it once in a while. The initial cost of getting a professional is super affordable when you think long term.

2. Eye brow pencil

Eyebrow pencil is a must for defining good brows shape. Draw the outline of your eye brows by with a good eyebrow pencil.

3. Eye brow brush

Sarah recommends to use an angled brow brush to brush your eyebrows and keep it smooth and tidy.

4. Eye brow powder

After outlining the brow shape, choose the correct shade of eye brow powder to fill your brows Sarah recommends using Kate designing eyebrow 3D - light brown shade. It suits most skin tone and looks natural on Asian skin. Start filling your brows from the centre with lighter shade and brush the ends of your brows with darker shade. Do not use colours that doesn't suit your brows, darker eyebrow powder shade will make you to look stern.

5. Eye brow mascara

Lastly, if you have a lighter hair colour, it is recommended to put eyebrow mascara to match it with your hair colour.