• SarahTing

Fake Lashes 101 for Beginner

1. Choose your lashes

To start with, fake lashes choice is very dependent on the event you are going and also your personal preference. It can be natural for a simple day outing with your boyfriend or dramatic for an office DND that you are attending.

2. Measure! Measure! Measure!

Every artwork requires precision. Approximation is not an option for lashes. To measure the lashes in accordance to the eye length, put the fake lashes on your lash line, start from where your natural lashes begin and let it rest all the way to the outer corner. The fake lashes can be slightly longer but not too much or else it will result in droopy, sad eyes.

3. Cut the length of the lashes

Remember to do this from the outside edge and not the inner side of the fake lashes. Repeat for the other lashes and make sure that both side are balance.

4. Stick it

Apply a thin layer of glue on the vein of the fake lashes. Do not apply too much as the glue might spread to the lashes making it very lumpy.

5. Positioning

Lastly, place the lashes in the correct position by sticking them where your natural eye lashes begin. Make sure you stick both ends properly or else it will be sticking out. With the help of a mascara and also eye lash curler, curl your natural lashes together with the fake lashes to make them stay intact and look as one.  

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