• SarahTing

How to choose lipstick colour?

There are tonnes of lipstick colour out there. Can a simple swatch on our hands tells us which lipstick is suitable for us? Let me provide you with some tips on choosing your own lipstick colour. Here are some general guide for skin tone and lip colour matching.

Warm skin tone (yellow, peachy, golden)

Choose an orange based red lipstick colour. It gives a healthy looking glow on your face.

Cool skin tone (pink, red or bluish)Pick the one with a red blue based lipstick colour.

Neutral skin tone (a mix of warm and cool undertones)

If you have this skin tone, congratulations! You are the lucky one. The good news is most of the lipstick colour can match your skin.

Darker skin tone

Not to worry if you have a darker skin tone. The deep red lipstick will look great on you.


Most people has the difficulty of even knowing their own skin tone. Here's how you can identify it.

Tips No 1

A simple trick to it is by looking at the vein on your wrist. If your veins looks bluish to you, you have a cool skin tone and if it looks greenish, you have a warm skin tone.

A rule of thumb is that remember to do this under bright condition.

Tips No 2

You can also use your jewellery to identify your skin tone. Depending on which item makes you more radiant, that is the skin tone that you have. If silver is shining on you, you have a cool skin tone and if the gold looks brilliant on you, you have warm skin tone.