• SarahTing

Natural Daily Makeup

It seems to be the trend now to go organic and natural from food all the way to our outer shell of the body. To look natural means to have hydrated and moisturised skin which look supple and radiant. Here are some points from Sarah on how to have a natural daily makeup.

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1. Moisturize your skin

As with other things that we are doing, we need to have a strong base. Your skin is your most important base for natural makeup. Keep your skin hydrated and moisturise it regularly to keep the natural radiant and glow. You can refer to the earlier steps on 100 days makeup regime for some tips.

Apply undereye concealer sparingly

2. Conceal the flaws

Imagine having the skin so natural, as good as the skin of a newborn. It sure looks flawless, agree? The next step is to conceal our flaws with the application of concealer sparingly on the blemish/ problematic areas. The tips is not to apply too thick. Otherwise it would be cakey.

3. Choice of foundation

The choice of foundation is important in this sense. Choose a powdery type or light, airy foundation. Apply minimally and slowly build up to the coverage that you want. Just remember that less is more.

4. Glowy blush

Subtle strokes of blush is the key to natural finish. The hint of blush should look soft and not concentrated on one area. So be sure to move your brush along your cheek bone and don't just stop at one area. Otherwise, you'll look like the dollies in the supermarket. Lol.

5. Lip Colour

Opt for the lip colour to match your natural lips colour. For guides on how to choose the colours that suits you, you can revist Sarah's post on how to choose your own lip colour. Also remember to apply the gloss at the centre of the lip to have that irresistable kissable lips.

6. Eye makeup

Eyeliner may look good enhancing the eyes but in this case for natural makeup, you might want to skip this step. Sarah recommend inner eye liner to make your eyes looks bigger if you want to. Minimal mascara will also do the trick.

Eyebrows is the frame of the eyes and the softer the edges the more natural it will look on you. Try to draw natural strokes by avoiding having sharp bents when you reach the tail of the brows. Sharp and angled eye brow shape will also make you look fierce.

With all the steps given above, your natural makeup journey is not too far ahead. Good luck girls!