• SarahTing

Prime yourself!

It's the first step of your makeup and you are having decision making difficulty. Stop all the worries by following simple steps below on making your primer choice.

What primer colours should I use?

Apply makeup primer after prepping your skin with your usual skin care routine prior to makeup. Makeup primer serves the function to prepare the skin for application of foundation.

Function of makeup primer

There are 2 functions of makeup primer, one is covering pores and finalises. The other is to control sebum. Makeup primer can make your makeup last longer with sebum control ingredients.

Skin tone correction

When you see colours of several primer, don't fret. Here are some tips on which colours to choose, it's not so difficult after all.

A) Pink - use it on dull skin tone for a healthy looking skin

B) Green - playing with colours isn't really difficult after all. Green is the opposite colour of red, hence it corrects redness on skin. It is good to be applied on blemish.

C) Purple - this is to correct yellow skin tone for brightening effect

D) Orange - this serves to correct dark skin tone for instance this can be applied under dark eyes circle to give you a clearer skin look.

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