• SarahTing

Tips for dry skin makeup

1. Hydration is the key

Remember to always hydrate and moisturise your skin prior to application of any makeup product. This will serve a a good base for your makeup to work on later.

2. Use hydrating primer

Remember the earlier steps shared with regards to primer? You can revisit the earlier post by clicking here.Hydrating primer will help to make your foundation look smoother. It will have an effect of a "second skin" layer to achieve natural and dewy makeup look.

3. Choose liquid or cream foundation instead of powder

If your skin is really dry, blend your foundation with a bit hydrating toner or use dampened beauty blender to apply foundation on your skin.

4. Forget about the powder

Again, if your skin is prone to flaking, you can happily skip the powder finishing. Powder is only meant for combination skin where you have oily T-zone.

5. Lastly, moisturise and hydrate your skin with mist throughout the day.

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